Scams in the music industry!

If your reading our blog you probably are an independant artist

The subject today is about scam in the music industry

Now, i’m not proud to say that even i’ve been scammed for a couple hundred bucks back when i used to rap..

I was young, i had ambition, it took over my everyday actions and any opportunity felt like it could sky rocket me to the top, when really it wouldn’t because it takes a lot of time to build..

There are no shortcuts..

So you just released a song, a beat, and you get an email or a dm saying they want to push your music.. you look at there account it looks legit, you look at their followers, everything looks legit.

They will tell you they are either an A&R representative, a record label, a marketing company, i even had one that had a full fake business going on saying he was Ludacris’s manager.


They want you money, then be sure they will disappear..

They know you are desperate.. they will use it against you.. You are gonna be thinking ; hey he says he can push my music he has followers it’s only 20$.. or it’s only 200$.. Trust me when i say you are throwing your money away.

In today’s world, the industry as changed drastically. You don’t even need record labels anymore, you can be your own manager, you can make it on your own!

You really want to make it as an artist?!Here are my suggestions

  • Get your own .Com website, you have to build your brand!
  • Get your music on spotify/itunes
  • Promote through google
  • Build your youtube channel
  • Interact with everyone you can online (comments, likes, followers)
  • Make sure you get professionaly mixed and mastered instrumentals for your music

If you do this, i trust that you are gonna have a good foundation for your music

Having you own domain costs almost nothing per year and it is worth every penny. Using google ads to get people on your own brand is the way to go.

Who doesn’t use youtube everyday? Exactly! Youtube is the best way to gain followers for your music! Interact with everyone, even the haters! Let them know you care.

Get yourself the best unique beats or instrumentals at

In conclusion, always keep in mind that this industry is filled with people who just want to take your money and not give you want you want.

On the other hand, we at Hmr beats will give you what you really need, and this is quality music for a good price!

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Get professional with your music! Begin to shine!

How many times have you thought you were going to make it in the music industry and it simply never happened?

One of the reasons would be that your music is not of the industry’s standard quality wise…

It could be that it is badly mixed or the mastering isn’t on point, or both. The thing is as a hiphop independant artist you just don’t have the money to invest 2000$ for a quality beat..

At hmr beats we know what it’s like to struggle .. we make sure all our instrumentals are affordable to everyone, but most of all we make sure you stand out and shine, because every beat is unique.

We take pride in every instrumental we release and take extra care about the customer who buys it. Everything is safe and secure through airbit or . There is nothing like yo send me your paypal or whatever.. We are professionals and we threat every customer in a professional manner. Once you buy the beat you have the ability to stay in contact with us and even take us through you song process.

We also offer mixing and mastering services that will help the artist’s full song, but this is optional as we are talking foundation here … If you have a poor foundation i can assure you the house won’t last long, same goes for a song.

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