So you just started making beats and you want something that sounds professional like this here :

Forgive me by Hmr beats

Only thing is you can’t get it right..Your sound isn’t that good, you get frustrated then you stop…. DON’T!

It takes time to learn all the techniques, you won’t get it right away.

Let’s say you still wanna make beats i’m gonna give you a couple tips on how to do it.

Get on youtube

Youtube is not just for listening to music or funny videos, it’s a whole learning platform, even i learn new mixing techniques everyday on youtube. It’s all there you just have to find it!

Always listen to your beats with headphones AND with speakers!

Wheter if it’s studio monitors or even your car, you have to check with several different systems to make sure you got all the frequencies right!

Make sure nothing is clipping!

Look at every mixer channel, every instrument and make sure nothing goes in the RED! If it clips, it’s going to sound bad!

Find quality samples!

You can try all you want to make a good beat with basic samples but good samples is gonna save you a lot of mixing and time!

Let you friends and family listen to the beat before you release it!

Releasing a bad quality beat will do you no good! You might release a good quality beat later and people won’t even bother listening to it since they already heard a bad one before…

Take your time, enjoy the fun of making music, don’t just do it for the money, do it for you first!

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